Wayne D. Collier Building Inc. Built a Defective Family Home! Auto-Owners Insurance and Michael I. Coulson Conspire to Deny Justice!!!

On August 1st 2008, we bought a house from Joe and Mary Lou Adragna & their building partner Wayne Collier Builder Inc. These individuals were in the business of building homes to flip them for profit. Shortly after the closing on our dream home purchase, the house foundation failed due to faulty construction causing structural problems and large cracks to appear both inside and outside our home. A crucial retaining wall failed: 

Walls, floors, & marble tiles are cracked. Doors and windows no longer close. We have spent over $75,000 on emergency stabilization of the failed foundation and over $430,000  is estimated (click for repair estimates) for work yet to be completed to remedy the numerous problems caused by Wayne Collier's failure to follow required Florida building codes (click for head building inspector affidavit documenting violations). 

Wayne Collier left us with an unsafe & defective home. We later found out another home built by Wayne Collier had so many issues that it had to be torn down at the request of St. Augustine Beach building officials due to numerous & egregious building code violations (click for report on condemned house). 

As required by Florida law, the builder, Wayne Collier Building Inc., was insured by Auto-Owners Insurance to protect  potential buyers. We have requested that Wayne Collier (and his insurer Auto-Owners Insurance) repair the damage caused by his violations of the building codes. In their attempt to avoid paying to remedy the damage caused by their policy holder (Wayne Collier Building), Auto-Owners Insurance has retained Michael I. Coulson.

Michael I. Coulson

On numerous occasions Michael I. Coulson has used unethical and unprofessional tactics in order to misrepresent facts to protect Wayne Collier and Auto-Owners Insurance.  We have documented proof that Coulson lied to the court about code violations committed by Wayne Collier. Court transcripts show Coulson saying there were no insulation code violations:


when these were clearly document by St. Augustine Beach Building Dept. head Gary Larsen and a 3rd party engineering firm:



So egregious were his actions that we filed an official complaint to The Florida Bar to bring to their attention his unprofessional conduct.

Michael I. Coulson


¨“I do solemnly swear:”

¨“I will employ for purpose of maintaining the cause confided to me such as means only as are consistent with truth and honor, and will never seek to mislead the judge or jury by any artifice or false statement of fact of law;”

Without Truth…. There Can Be No Justice!

 Michael I. Coulson and Auto-Owners Insurance have been a nightmare to deal with and have done nothing but obstruct our pursuit of justice to remedy this situation and make our home safe again. Auto-Owners Insurance will apparently do anything to avoid paying for the damage to our home. This terrible mess has forced my wife and 2 young daughters to seek refuge at a safe location while we continue our quest for justice. 

Our struggle began in 2008 when we purchased our "dream home" and the nightmare continues to this day. If you are thinking of using Wayne Collier Building Inc., Michael I. Coulson, or Auto-Owners Insurance for any services whatsoever (building, legal, or insurance related), stop and learn about our terrible ordeal... 


The problems started shortly after closing; we found out that the previous owners & the builder had worked together to conceal the structural flaws in the house. The critical areas had been patched up so they were hidden during inspection. We later discovered that the same original builder had done such a poor job on the listing realtor's own home that she threatened to ruin his name unless he fixed all the problems left in her house. We also found out later that another house he built was condemned & had to be completely torn down because it was structurally unsound. 

We have endured years of headaches trying to get the house fixed; it has been seriously depreciated by the stigma of structural flaws. Wayne Collier, Auto-Owners Insurance (and their lawyer Michael I. Coulson) have caused us nothing but heartache and huge legal bills while we fight for this injustice to be remedied. This ordeal has caused great physical and emotional distress while this mess gets sorted out in the courts.  

I would not recommend Wayne Collier, Auto-Owners Insurance (and their lawyer Michael I. Coulson) to my worst enemy! Our family life and our dreams have been shattered! 



Image result for Jeffrey F. (Jeff) Harrold Chairman  
Jeffrey F. (Jeff) Harrold Chairman and his company Auto-Owners Insurance Group (along with his unscrupulous lawyer Michael I. Coulson) have stolen our dreams and left us with a house that is defective & unsafe!


A. Girouard
a very heartbroken

We made the mistake of buying a home built by Wayne Collier and insured by Auto-Owners Insurance and here is what we got:



failing retaining wall had to be completely redone

new retaining wall construction to correct sagging foundation

jacking system required to prevent the foundation from sagging any further

 my yard has been a construction zone ever since we moved in and our family life is in shambles


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